Attending the PCA GA

I am sitting here in a exhibition hall dutifully registered to participate in the 48th General Assembly of the PCA. Having been to conferences of many sorts, I know, in part what to expect. This being my first time at a conference of this sort, I don't really know what …

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And Mingo was his Name-o

Yesterday the family took some time to enjoy the day at Mingo Creek. The day included walks in the woods, playgrounds, zip-lines and the like. Don't worry, we never got closer than 6 miles from anyone.

Don't mess with the Arnolds!

Learning about …</p>
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Reviving Dead Computers

I should start off by telling you physicists are renown for a (sometimes fool-hearty) "I can do that" attitude. I am no exception. I am not really a super-computer geek (but these things are relative...), but I am also not afraid to look up online videos and try to "do …

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Giving and taking a real shellacking!

A real shellacking! At the end.

Having given a room an actual "shellacking" I felt like I had taken one more than I had given one.

Yesterday the Arnold family endeavored to prime our living/dining space for painting. Hoping to quash the last remnants of unpleasant …

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